Cover for “Irish Meadows” and a New Release

I have two items to share today (once again I’m dreadfully behind times on this blog, so please bear with me)!

Book cover - Irish meadowsFirst of all, my historical romance “Irish Meadows” now has a beautiful cover and a revised release date. Instead of releasing in August, the marketing team at Bethany House has bumped it to early July 2015! A good summer read! Here is the lovely cover, featuring Miss Brianna O’Leary.

And secondly, my next contemporary romance, “Wayward Hearts” released this past Friday, Dec. 5th with White Rose Publishing (Pelican Book Group), Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers! I hope you’ll check out Maxi North’s story-full of angst and romance with firefighter Jason Hanley!

Cover for “Irish Meadows” and a New Release

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